In our determined policy to move to a zero carbon environment we have installed a solar photovoltaic generating system on our roof.
Our electricity is now generated by the sun. Estimated annual CO2 avoided to the atmosphere of 1828kg. KWH generated annually 2643KWH. Any surplus electricity is exported to the National Grid, and any additional demand for power is supplied by Ecotricity who are a company supplying electricity produced from wind turbines.

Solar PV system installed by Greenshop Solar. Electrical installation by AIK Electrical  www.aikelectrical.co.uk

W H Thomas & Son now powered by the sun and wind helping to achieve a zero carbon environment

                           Dale sits in front of our Lynch Knoll turbine.

                                                                                                                                    Dale Vince MD of Ecotricity pictured near the site of his first wind turbine.
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