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Text Box: Rael Brook Pyjamas
P802 16.95
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somax wyncette pyjamas ps28
Sleep Set SWS425-22 13.95          Somax JB Brushed Pyjamas                       Somax Wyncette PS28 Pyjamas.         
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Ley Sleep Set SWL445 15.95                Somax Pyjamas MT117                   Somax Pyjamas MS24
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                                                                                                               Somax Pyjama Trouser Cord    

       Somax Pyjamas SW15                                                 Somax Pyjama Trouser Cord
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                                                                                     Rael Brook Pyjamas P802




Somax JB Pyjama Trousers                   Somax MT117 Pyjama Trousers                Somax PO Pyjamas
             14.95                                                     12.95
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Somax Nightshirt MS24




                                                                      Somax Nightshirt PS28                       Somax Nightshirt MS24
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            Somax Nightshirt RN11                        Somax Nightshirt Loch Buie 19.95         
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Text Box: Size guide for Somax Pyjamas
      to fit Waist                  to fit Chest
S    28"-32"/71/81cm         up to 38"/96cm
 M   32"-35"/81-88cm        up to 40"/101cm
 L   36"-40"/91-101cm       up to 43"/109cm
 XL   41"-44"/104-111cm    up to 46"/116cm
2XL   up to 50"/127cm       up to 48"/122cm
3XL   up to 54"/137cm       up to 53"/134cm
4XL   up to 60"/152cm       up to56"/142cm
5XL   up to 66"/168cm       up to 61"/155cm
6XL   up to 72"/183cm       up to 65"/165cm
Somax Pyjamas MS24